No Poo for you!


I have always been a little left of center and a little crunchier than your average bear, but since having a baby and not having the income to splurge on beauty products, I have gone full hippie chic. My daily routine of hair styling, makeup application, etc. has been reduced to a very simple face rinse, body brushing, Italian shower, and application of mascara.

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From-Scratch Funfetti Cupcakes

I LOVE cupcakes! I love the way they look, the way they smell, the fact that they are hand-held… and I really enjoy making them. Infact, I love cupcakes so much that we had them as the main dessert at our wedding (those cupcakes were amazing but I didn’t make them myself).

Wedding cupcake yumminess

My favorite kind of boxed cupcake/cake is Pillsbury Funfetti… every year on my birthday (that’s 20-some-odd years, people) my mom has made me a Funfetti cake, complete with the frosting that has sprinkles in it. Now, I do try my best to eat healthy whole foods and admittedly, Funfetti mix is laden with a lot of ingredients that my logical brain doesn’t want anywhere near my mouth hole. Therefore, after being sorely tempted by the Halloween Funfetti cupcakes I saw on a commercial, I was more than ready to accept the challenge to make Funfetti from scratch!

From scratch amazingness

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Cheap, Easy, and Good: Pizza

Nap jail = Too cozy to cook?

Guilty confession of the day: a lot of the time, I have no desire to cook.

Over the past couple of years, I have become accustomed to NOT cooking. Robby is a good cook and an awesome husband and he would regularly whip something together for dinner when I was working full time, or I would go visit him at his former place of work: a pizza restaurant. You can probably guess that I ate a whole lot of pizza (I did) and probably won’t be surprised to hear that pizza is my number one favorite comfort food!

Now that we can’t afford to go out to eat very often and now that Robby is just a FORMER pizzaman, making my own pizza is my only option for the fresh restaurant pizza taste that I crave. Good news, fellow pizza peeps! Making your own pizza is easy, fun, and best of all CHEAP! Doin’ it at home is way cheaper than Take and Bake or quality frozen pizzas, too, and tastes much better. I am going to give you the recipe and also the run-down of cost.

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Bad Mama! 24 Weeks (and some recaps)


Preggorama: 24 weeks

Oh my goodness! I feel so guilty and naughty! Life got in my way! Cat got my tongue! I have grievously neglected my blog… and yakknow what? That’s ok! It’s been nine long weeks (over two months, yeesh!) since my last blog and it’s high time that I tippity-tap an entry for posterity to record how things are going with little Spaulding a-brewin’ in my womb. (Is that gross?)

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Week 15: What’s Poppin’?

Hey guess what! I’m PREGNANT! 15 weeks pregnant, to be exact. (I’m assuming most people who check my blog probably know me well enough to already know this, but, yeah… stating the obvious). Above is my popped-out baby-bump-y tummy. At some point I’ll post a cute one of me standing where it’s more obvious in relation to the rest of my body, but trust… that is a firm baby bump! Continue reading

Cold Sundays mean Warm Suppers

Good news, everyone! The Spauldins did our very first joint half-marathon this morning! That’s right, Rob. and I hauled our butts out in the freezing cold morning and trucked it for 13.1 miles around the Willamette River in the EWEB Run to Stay Warm.

I don’t have any good pictures yet from the finish line (where we were cheered on by my freakishly awesome in-laws) but I do have this crappy iPhone picture of the mile 11 marker that I took to text to Rob. and ask him where he was (he took off like a bat outta hell and waited for me around mile 12).

The race went really well, from both Rob.’s and my perspectives! I hung back and took it easy to avoid over-stressing my body and therefore making next week painful… and Rob. really pushed and did a great job. We finished together (and even held hands, you can puke or punch me if you want to) and it was really cool to cross the finish line with such an awesome fella. Once we were finished, we enjoyed a large breakfast (including biscuits and gravy) with the family and a nice trip to the Goodwill which yielded books, clothes, and a sweet yellow tea pot. Then Rob. and I took a very very long nap…

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Lumpy Days and Bahn Mi (oh my glob!)

Have you seen the show Adventuretime on Cartoon Network? Rob. and I love this show – it’s flippin’ HILARIOUS! It pretty much hits all my happy buttons: cute animation, cool music, silly plot lines (that aren’t embarrassing), fantasy characters, and the voice of Bender from Futurama. There is one character in particular I find completely amazing, and her name is Lumpy Space Princess. She’s lumpy. She’s purple. She’s a bitch. On a day like today, I feel like I AM LSP.

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